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Magic of the Real

Speculations on temporary housing

This project investigates a different ways to inhabit the city. In a state of ‘climate-emergency’ alongside accelerating political and social upheaval, the building culture is still defined by only few actors, growth-focused economy and only few national sets of regulations, making architectural experimentation difficult if not impossible in the current state. This project will examine the potential advantages of making a visionary prototype parallel to the usual conventions such as building permanence. Investigating utopian questions by designing with time rather than only form, the prototype will investigate what a housing scheme can be in these uncertain times.

The site of the project is located next to Kløvermarken in northeastern Amager. The block is located where the streets Prags Boulevard and Uplandsgade meet. The site concists of different low-rise buildings primarily of practical functions. They are built in different periods ranging from around 1910’s and up to the late 1990’s and have a kind of mosaic quality to them. Most of the buildings have low or no preservation value according to the Copenhagen Municipality, The construction of the different structures range from shed like structures to high quality brick-buildings with ornamental details. In the eastern end there is a small sausage stand, Bistro Trekanten, facing Uplandsgade, which is an emblem of the site. There are many immaterial values that are built up over time.

We might soon enter a cultural shift catalysed by climate changes and new social dynamics. To meet changing conditions, the architectural profession face a reformation of the way we plan a building in relation to time. It is relevant not only dealing with the construction, but also the way it accommodate changes and transforms in the future. This time-dynamic approach could result in the architecture being flexible aesthetically and organizationally. It is a question of past, present, and future.

The richness of functions, the many layers of time and the slowly crumbling walls. The site exemplifies palimpsest like part of Copenhagen, that appears and changes slowly over time. It is an area that contains history, while hosting the users. Nothing flamboyant nor extravagant, yet alluring.
In this project the new housing is carefully drawn into the existing - as a secondary layer.