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The Pawn Broker at Documenta Fifteen, Kassel, 2022

The Pawn Broker is an investigation in the relationships between objects and people. Presented at the Documenta Fifteen in Kassel 2022 the Pawn Shop changed shape daily without adding new materials.

In the summer of 2022 we launched a physical platform; a mobile, modular space called The Pawn Shop. This would become a place for activities based around the peculiarities of personal objects and the stories they hold. Through variable non-monetary systems of value, the objects themselves was examined carefully, and integrated into a sphere of interaction without any fixed results. The space in itself was changeable, in terms of what shape it took and where it was located. While The Pawn Broker presented certain activities, it was at the same time an open space, for others to initiate ideas, that could benefit from or even challenge the particular framework of The Pawn Shop.

We are interested in the concept of pawn broking as a starting point and as a prism for exploring certain themes and ideas such as:

Alternative systems of value

Physical things in a physical-digital hybrid world

Objects and stories as vehicles for traveling through time

Shared authenticity

Pawn / trust

A community of things and people

For this exhibition the project has been set-up by:

Lauge Floris Larsen, drømmekontoret
Villiam Miklos Andersen
M.B. Pedersen