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© Lauge Floris Larsen
People’s Palace at Oslo Architecture Triennale

“People’s Palace is an architectural statement confronting contemporary urban developments to instead paying tribute to the city's complexity and openness. In this visionary project, the Palads theatre in central Copenhagen, Denmark, currently a cinema, is transformed into a non-commercial, covered urban space, extending the outdoor season. The large inner space takes shape as an open, urban marketplace – but indoors – and not fully programmed.

Based on the artist Poul Gernes’ striking colour palette, the project gives hope to a more open, imaginative, and experimental urban development. ThePeople's Palace is the result of an ideas competition organised by the Gernes Foundation and Copenhagen Contemporary in 2021 about the transformation of the cinema Palads Teatret (The Palace Theatre). The competition was won by a team consisting of Lauge Floris, Knud Aarup Kappel, the artist collective AVPD, DSA ARK STUDIO and Olivia Toftum.”

For this exhibition the project has been set-up by:

Lauge Floris Larsen, Atelier for Byers Rum
Knud Aarup Kappel, Atelier for Byers Rum
Aslak Vibæk, AVPD
Peter Døssing, AVPD
Jørgen Taxholm, DSA ARK STUDIO
Nils Jeppe Hansen, DSA ARK STUDIO
Olivia Toftum, Olivia Toftum