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Copenhagen Central Station


At Platform Ceremony in Copenhagen Central Station, the original waiting halls will temporarily reappear in a contemporary version. In the halls utopian infrastructure motifs will merge with the everyday spaces of public transportation. Platform Ceremony is an open invitation to professionals and the broad public to discuss and dream about future modes of transportation in an experimental combination of visions, dioramas and events. The project is an artistic research project about re-romanticization of public transportation. It culminates in the summer of 2023 in a 25 days exhibition discussing the future of one of the most sustainable modes of transportation. The Ceremony is an invitation, description and utopian vision of the new aesthetics and hybrids which can help elevating the collective infrastructure to become a common part of our collective pictures of the future.

Read about the ideas behind Platform Ceremony here

Free entrance
june 15th - July 9th
Open Tue-Sun 12.00 - 18.00

Copenhagen Central Station
Bernstorffsgade 14
(entrance via main hall)